DC DC Converter 18 V x 5 A (CB1232E)

    The circuit shown is a Step-Down converter that can provide a 5 A output with 4 to 18 V inputs. The configuration shown in the figure is based on Linear Technology's LTC3608 integrated circuit (www.linear.com ), Which features the on-chip power MOSFET and an internal precision reference. The circuit is stable with ceramic capacitors at the output and, in addition, it features such as adjustable current limit, programmable soft start and output surge protection. Another important feature of this circuit is its efficiency which reaches 95% with an output current in the range of 2 to 4 A for an input voltage of 12 V and an output voltage of 2.5 V. The integrated circuit used is supplied in 7 x 8 mm QFN enclosure. The minimum output voltage is 0.6 V and the switching frequency is 1 MHz.





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