10 MHz ADC (CB1585E)

Launched in early 1999, the new ADC12181 high-speed A / D converter is suitable for applications in image processing, data acquisition for PCs, scanners and waveform scanners. An important feature of National's ADC12181 is the inclusion of an internal sampling and retention circuit that makes design easier. In the application circuit shown in figure 1 all voltages must be applied simultaneously. As it comes to high speed circuit it is very important to be careful with the layout of the signal lines. An important precaution in this application is that both the ground for the digital and analog signals are on the same levels, avoiding the capacitive coupling between them. The voltage reference is given by an LM4041 IC, and the high speed operational amplifier LM6181 couples the external signal source to the input converter circuit.


Debounced Digital Switch (CB1476E)

  The configuration shown in the figure allows you to implement an debounced switch with CMOS or TTL technology. The circuit is bistable with an action determined by the resistor and the capacitor. The power depends on the employed logic.


Code Switch (CB1354E)

This 3-digit code switch was obtained from an old American documentation. The capacitor is 470 uF and the secondary 12 V transformer, or according to the relay used. The SCR can be TIC106 and R1, R2 are 3k3. The diodes are 1N4002 or equivalent.


TTL Debouncing Switch (CB1361E)

This circuit can be used as an input shield for microcontrollers or other TTL circuits. The power supply is made with a voltage of 5 V. Since the power consumption is low, the power supply of the microcontroller itself can be used. We found the circuit in an old Spanish documentation.


Two-Transistor Old Flip Flop (CB949E)

This circuit was found in a 1958’s publication. It uses germanium transistor, availble that time. In series with the 910 ohm transistor, in the collector of each transistor, LEDs can be added. The circuit can be powered from 9 to 12 V supplies.





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