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Who is Newton C. Braga

Mr. Newton C. Braga was born in São Paulo, Brazil, in 1946. His activities in Electronics began when he was only 13 years old, at which time he started writing articles for Brazilian magazines. At age 18, he had his own column in the Brazilian edition of Popular Electronics, where he introduced the concept of ‘Electronics for youngsters’.

In 1976, he became Technical Director of the most important Electronics magazine in South America, Revista Saber Eletronica (published in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and other South America countries). He has also been the director of other magazines published by the same company, including Eletrônica Total and became the Technical Consultant for the magazines Mecatrônica Fácil, Mecatrônica Atual and PC & CIA.

Mr. Braga has published over 150 books about Electronics, Mechatronics, Computers, Electricity and Science Fairs, as well as thousand of articles and Electronics/ Mechatronics/ Science Projects in magazines worldwide (US, France, Spain, Japan, Portugal, Mexico, Russia, China, etc.). Many of his books have been recommended at schools and universities around the world and even translated to other languages, with sales of over 3 million copies all over the world.

The Mr. Braga currently teaches Mechatronics and Physics and is engaged in educational projects in his home country, Brazil. These projects include the introduction of Technology (Electronics, Mechatronics, Bionics, Computer Sciences, etc) in high schools, as well as the professional training of workers and teachers who need enhanced knowledge in the fields of Electronics, Mechatronics and Technology. The author now lives in Guarulhos (near São Paulo).

Of course, Mr. Braga also write new books and articles for this site, recovering and upgrading thousand of them, writen along his long carrer as technical writer. 

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