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About the site is the primary source of information about Technology, Electronics, Mechatronics, Telecom, Robotics and all things related with that subjects, written and edited by an actual Brazilian citizen Newton C. Braga by its company Instituto Newton C. Braga Ltd., in Guarulhos – SP - Brazil.

It has quickly become one of the most visited websites about the country, with an average of 250,000 influential monthly readers. has been featured in several national publications and websites due to its coverage of technology and Electronics, and keeps on expanding its readership every month. In the past years, we have worked with key international magazines, and published more than 140 books promoting the subject and the name of the author Newton C. Braga.

Since 1966 Newton C. Braga has been writing technical articles for Electronics Magazines. In 1976 he starts his career as Technical Director of the most important Electronics magazine in South America.

During his more than 45 years of career he became one of the most famous Electronics authors in the world. As an educator and writer in Electronics, Mechatronics, Physics, Computer Science and related technologies, he has written over 140 books and contributed to more than 8,000 articles to magazines in Brazil, Spain, United States, Portugal, Japan, Argentina, and other countries (Poptronics, Radio Electronics, Eletronique Pratique, Elektor, etc).

His name is synonymous with Electronics all over the world. Many of his books are recommended by universities all around the world (Hong Kong, Nevada, Monash, London College, UCLA, New York, etc).

His books have also been translated to Russian, Arab, Chinese, Spanish and many other languages. In Brazil he has sold more than 3 000 000 books, many of them required by Technical schools and Engineering schools all over the country.


And, by its own publishin company, NCB, he continues to laounch new titles both in Portuguese and in English.
Obs.: He writes his books directly in English for his American publishers, now Brass Tack Books and before McGraw Hill, Thomson Learning and Newnes. In the USA he has 15 published books. For more information about his books in English type “Newton C. Braga” in the “search” field of

Then, after retiring in 2009, he founded his own company, Instituto Newton C. Braga LTDA, starting with the website ( and working as a lecturer in meetings, consultant for technical schools, and publisher to his own books and for other authors (62 published books).

His website is the largest Electronics portal in South America with more than 10,000 articles and over 100,000 pages. And the number of visitors is also the greatest: more than 250,000 visitors monthly reaching 300,000 in special occasions. (metrics by Google Analytics).

The site is reference for engineers, teachers, technicians, students, and all professionals who work with Electronics, Mechatronics, Telecommunications and many others related fields.

Many international companies advertise in the website. National Instruments, Mouser, Agilent, Texas Instruments, Keysight Technolocies are some of them.

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