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Oscilloscope - EICO Mod 430 (T043E)

Of course, to assemble this circuit, the reader will find great difficulty unless they find in some scrap components, for example an old scope of the same type to be recovered. This is a commercial circuit that serves as a reference for a recovery.

Here is the circuit of the commercial oscilloscope model EICO 430 following the setting of many oscilloscopes from the 50 and 60. The circuit makes use of a special transformer that generates the MAT the order of 1 200 V for CRT (Cathode Ray Tube).

The oscilloscope can display signals up to some megahertz, a low speed given by the characteristics of the other components of the circuit and the tube.

Very simple, with few controls, this enabled circuit to professionals to analyze audio and radio circuits at lower frequencies sectors.

The complete diagram of the oscilloscope is shown in Figure.





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