What are the OEMs (ART307E)

OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer. This term, which is trandy nowadays, reflects the increasing trend of the industry to outsource the manufacture of parts of its products, has a very great importance for those who are looking for new business opportunities. See in this article what exactly it means to be an OEM and how Mouser Electronics can help you.

Most big business nowadays do not wholly manufacture its products, but rather assemble them.

Thus, these companies have parts that are not manufactured within their facilities, but by third parties, which supply them ready, according to quality criteria determined by them.

For example, the parking radar system of a Ford or Hyundai car is not manufactured by these companies, but rather by another company that provides them operating within the required quality criteria. When assembling the vehicle, it is only installed.

Well, the company that provides this parking radar system is an OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer.

See that the OEM itself may have another OEM that provides for it some of their products, for example a ready-made board. Thus, the OEM that manufactures the parking system refers to the company that provides the board as another OEM.

An interesting point that should be noted is that not always appears in the product provided by the OEM its brand, but the final manufacturer only.

This criterion bears the burden of the manufacturer, but takes into account a greater responsibility: to respond for any failure in a more direct way.

For those who want to be OEM supplying products to assembler companies, even small ones, the importance of having an absolute reliable component supplier is vital.

Integrators require quality and as such, OEMs must have a strict quality control of their products and this should be from the moment they develop it.


Using Mouser

Mouser Electronics not only provides components that have proven quality, selecting manufacturers from strict criteria, but also provides the technical literature needed to know if the products used are within the characteristics required by the projects and the final buyers.

This is reflected in the motto of the company, which is:


Credibility / Reliability / Trust.


Thus, from the development board, the evaluation board and the discrete components, which complement the design, such as passive components, semiconductors, integrated circuits and modules, the reader can access information on features and even design and application examples in the form of available literature.

The facilities, which Mouser offers to the integrators, who are creating a new project, or to the OEMs who are already supplying a ready product, go from not requiring minimum orders to allowing small quantities of components to be purchased for the development of new projects. Its presence in more than 170 countries and the AS9100C certification, which guarantees quality control and inventory working only with genuine components.

On you will find a broad technical support literature for your project, and more ideas for new projects, which will certainly help you become an OEM or work better if you are already one.