Ghosts on the Internet (PN018E)

Strange messages coming out of printers without being engaged, Internet screens of unknown origin and even abnormal computer operations has led users to think that there is some kind of connection between the computer and the supernatural. In this article, which neither wants to confirm nor deny the reported phenomena, we report some strange cases that can even be accessed over the Internet, if readers are interested.

A few years ago, a Swedish researcher recording birds singing in a deserted place, was surprised to hear the overlapping sounds of human voices speaking in an unknown language (See PN017E).

Taking the recordings to a researcher, the strange sounds "captured", the surprise was even greater when it was revealed to him that those people spoke on a language extinguished hundreds of years ago, proper of a people who lived in that region, but they no longer existed!

The fantastic news spread quickly drawing the attention of the whole world and soon other researchers began recording strange voices using the most diverse devices.

Starting from the original version with a simple tape recorder, the systems were being improved and some researchers even tried to make video recordings, focusing cameras on blank walls or special screens using various types of filters, with which they "captured" strange images whose origin was speculated.






Spirits, beings from other dimensions, simply "lost" information and which was recorded in some way (or "dimension") unknown to our science?

The fact is that this new type of research that links the electronics to the esoteric has awaken the interest of many people who has since devoted themselves to the subject.

The general term for this type of research is ITC or Instrumental transcommunication and now it seems it entered the computer age as well.

And when we say that it entered the computer age we do no refer to the use of computers in research, analyzing results or recorded sounds and images! What happens is that the computer is also "capturing" odd information and presenting them, to the surprise of its users, in several ways.

Although we should filter the actual reports of the imaginary ones, what is induced naturally or intentionally, or does not really have an explanation, some examples may show that something interesting (and scary) may actually be happening.

One was reported by a German researcher who suddenly began to have his printer turned on for no apparent reason, printing strange messages signed by a person who had died!

The theory most used by the researchers is the one which states that these phenomena need some kind of known energy to modulate in order to be revealed. It's like the radio waves we cannot see, but can be "modulated" by a voice and through special devices (the radio) we can make its extraction converting it into audible sounds.





Nicola Tesla himself thought the radio, newly discovered at the time, could be modified to be used to communicate "with the spirits" and he worked on it for a long time.

Thus, the appearance of these voices, images and data in electronic devices which manipulate known forms of energy would be something normal that just happens as it is the nature of the signals that they work.

The Internet itself, as it is a network of huge dimensions, can act as a sensitive element (do not ask me how!) able to be modulated and reports of strange messages have already been made by many users.

Serious researchers do not think of associating any origin to these phenomena before getting to know them better, evidently filtering the jokes, interference and other natural events. Their concern is to know how exactly they manifest themselves and gain a control, so as to "tune" them in a precise way. It would be possible then to eventually study its origin with explanations that many try nowadays to give, without being really sure what they are talking about.

Anyway, if the reader gets some strange message on his/her computer, whose origin may not need (and is not due to a virus or a friend’s joke) be careful: Your computer may actually be haunted!



* The Swedish researcher who made the first recordings of strange voices on a small tape recorder from 1950 was Konstantin Raudive.

* The curious readers who want to get more reading on the subject and have access to the Internet can find a lot on many sites.


Note (2010):. Readers can learn more about this topic in our book Paranormal Electronics.



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