Paranormal Electronics - Research in the Digital Age - Your router as a ghost detector … (PN019E)

The idea that electronic equipment can be used in paranormal research is not new. Edison himself, while working with the first valve and the radio started to become popular, believed that electronics could be used to do communication with the spirits. The electronics evolved and even in the digital age, some modern experimenters began using equipments more and more advanced and advances have been made in research at the universities. Several news that we gave show it. In this article we will talk about some of the possibilities that electronics offer the researcher of paranormal phenomena nowadays

Of course hat in our articles we do not get involved with the possible interpretations of the phenomena because they depend on the beliefs of each researcher and personal interpretations. What we give in our articles are technical resources for interested people to use technology in their research.

One of the most popular searches in the field of the paranormal is the one involving the phenomenon of voices or Instrumental Trans (ITC), discovered by Raudive and which we discussed in other articles (PN001E and PN001E, PN017E and PN018E).

In this phenomenon, we assume the idea that the white noise in the environment when there is wind, rain or running water can elevate an existing modulation to reveal paranormal phenomena involving voices and sounds.

Analog recorders and radio receivers for modulated signals in amplitude have long been used in research and even in the case of analog TV image.

However, with the arrival of digital techniques to process sounds and images the research of these phenomena ran into a problem: the very circuit cuts noises and this research with such equipment has become problematic.

Similarly, other phenomena that could be surveyed were also, in a way, harmed, when considering the use of digital equipment.

However, this does not occur if we take into account some important facts.

The first is that the input and output circuits of the digital recorders, amplifiers and other circuits that process sounds, for example, are analog.

Thus, they amplify the signals present in the environment and a possible cut would be made in the digital part.

In a survey with audio signals, for example, a circuit placed before conversion to digital form could process the signal so that the desired information is amplified and not lost in the conversion.

One idea would be to add filters or frequency dividers in order to change the noise range and then the conversion using a DSP or microcontroller to recover the signal without much loss.

Another idea would be to use a sampling frequency much higher than it is normally used to recover the audio mode noise peaks at much higher frequencies, and then "reconvert" the signal to lower frequencies at the time of the analysis or hearing.

It all depends on the ability that the researcher has to work, for example, analog-digital converters.

However, there are other fields of research involving digital electronics that can be used in a psychic research.

The reader gifted with imagination can create experiments involving modulation from LEDs, for example, even by wireless communication networks.

A very interesting idea comes from the discovery that the routers undergo changes of their signals by the presence of moving objects in an environment. The signals of gigahertz range are very sensitive to any change in the characteristics of the environment.

It was suggested the possibility of using routers as presence sensors in an environment by detecting intruder’s moves or an object which has been taken from a place.

Could not a router be programmed in a research to detect the presence of strange "entities" which even invisible would cause disturbances when spreading their signals? A good application of the digital age: use your router as a detector of ghosts...



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