Revealed Higher States of Consciousness (PN022E)

In our articles we have shown that technology can increasingly penetrate the states of our mind and in some cases even use this for integrations with the outside world. Commands of equipment by the mind are already a reality, albeit to a still very superficial degree. Now, the searches are showing something else, the possibility of detecting higher states of consciousness which, until then, were just assumptions. See in this article the new discoveries.

The idea which higher states of consciousness can be achieved through external stimuli, meditation, and drugs is not new. We know that "something happens" with our mind, but there was still no evidence that differentiated processes within our brain existed.

So much that the idea of ??a higher state of consciousness was not accepted by scientists, being much more a spiritualist theme left only as an assumption or even a belief.

However, researches done at Imperial College in London monitoring the magnetic fields generated by the brain in various states of consciousness has revealed something surprising about the existence of an eventual state of superconsciousness.

The research used drugs such as LSD, psychocybin and ketamine in volunteers who underwent examinations taking the fields produced by the monitored brain.

We know that depending on the state of consciousness, the signals produced by the brain vary and this can be easily verified through external equipment (In the article PN08 Alpha Rhythm and Biofeedback we explore this subject).

However, researches have shown that there are far more signs than believed to lead to an important study of our consciousness.

But what is most interesting in this research is that some signs indicate a differentiated state of consciousness within our brain, associated with what would be a superconsciousness, which would lead us to a mental capacity, until then only theorized by scientists, though accepted by spiritualists.

In the future, perhaps external stimuli coming from appropriate high-tech devices could lead us to a higher-than-normal mental capacity, becoming geniuses or people endowed with capacities that nowadays would be considered paranormal, such as telepathy, telecynne, and others in a way that would be absolutely normal.

Technology would make us supermen not only physical (bionic) but also mental resources. Fiction? Let's wait and see.





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