Mental Connections Reveal to Be Possible (BM054E)

In the Star Trek series the Vulcans (Mr Spock - Leonard Lemoy) can form mental fusions with other Vulcans in order to "exchange ideas" or simply obtain a superior ability of consciousness.



Researchers at Spain's Basque Center in Cognition, Brain and Language (BCLB) have shown that humans can also achieve something similar, but through conversion.

Thus, what we call "brain storms" would actually be possible and could even be developed with specific psychic activities.

According to the researchers, when two people talk a similar phenomenon occurs in which the brains are synchronized.

The studies done by the researchers involved people who did not know each other and who were connected to electroencephalographs (EEG) by noting the monitored signals.

When people talked, there was a synchronism in their mental activities. The results were so evident that the research team member Andoni Duñabeitia said the discovery could have important applications such as helping people who have communication disorders.

The next step in research should include conversations in non-native languages so that it may be possible to correct communication and even learning problems.

There is also the research on the use of applied magnetic fields to stimulate brain-to-brain communication. Much still needs to be discovered in the next few years.



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