Radiesthesia And Aura (Kirlian Effect) (PN028E)

An interesting paranormal theme which has a strong scientific foundation and is even used intensively in research is what involves the detection of water, minerals, and petroleum quarries through sensors capable of perceiving small changes in local gravity. The scientific basis lies in the fact that sensitive devices can actually do this detection. Paranormal research, however, involves the possibility which people may notice these variations and detect the quarries using pendulums, forks, or other less technical resources ... A discussion of the use of technology in this research is what we will do in this section.

Pendulums are used quite intensively in many types of paranormal manifestations research. It is believed that its oscillations are extremely sensitive to any paranormal phenomenon, undergoing changes which can be observed by a skilled or very attentive operator.

They say the most sensitive ones can detect mineral deposits, groundwater reservoirs and even petroleum quarries by simply observing the changes of these oscillations, as shown in Figure 1.


Figure 1 - It is believed that the presence of water or minerals causes small vibrations in the fork.
Figure 1 - It is believed that the presence of water or minerals causes small vibrations in the fork.



There is a physical foundation which helps to explain some of the pendulum changes in the vicinity of quarries: the oscillation may be affected by the small change in gravity caused by the presence of a body of lesser or greater density than the soil of its surroundings.

A body of a certain mass attached to a spring can help make this detection, resulting in an instrument called a gravimeter, as shown in Figure 2.


Figure 2 - Gravimeter - The position of the body attached to the spring changes, as the gravity of the place changes in the presence of large masses of minerals or water with greater or less density.
Figure 2 - Gravimeter - The position of the body attached to the spring changes, as the gravity of the place changes in the presence of large masses of minerals or water with greater or less density.


The gravimetric mapping of a region is a powerful tool for discovering quarries. The investigations which involve these changes are made with gravimetric sensors coupled to an aircraft, as shown in Figure 3.





Going for paranormal research, the use of the so-called fork (dozing rod = magic wand) to detect water (or gold) is based on the same principle.

Small changes in its weight, caused by the presence of a water sheet can be detected by a sensitive person, as shown in Figure 4.


Figure 4 - Old engraving showing the use of a
Figure 4 - Old engraving showing the use of a "fork" (dozing rod) to discover minerals or water.



The small "swings" or movements of the wand indicated to the "operator" where it would be the best place to dig a well or try to discover minerals.

In gravimetry, electronics are already widely used in the detection of mineral quarries but in the research of paranormal phenomena few researchers are using it, although the possibilities are very broad.

Thus, both the pendulum and the fork can be coupled to sensitive electronic detectors which, far better than humans, could have minimal changes in the amplitudes or orientations of their vibrations.

In Figure 5, we give an interesting circuit which coupled to a fork or pendulum allows the oscillations to be observed on an oscilloscope.






The pickup coil may be the primary winding of a common transformer of power supply whose core has been removed.

The mechanical system must have some weight on the tip and a magnet which will generate, by induction, the signal voltage when moving inside the coil.

The oscilloscope should be set at a compatible tracking frequency to the one of the observed phenomenon, usually at a low frequency (0.1 to 10 Hz).

This same cycle can be coupled to an analog / digital converter (ADC) so that the recorded data can be transferred to a computer, obtaining a more sophisticated system of analysis of the phenomenon.

One variation of the circuit can be obtained by a pendulum, where a string is attached to a small magnet, as shown in Figure 6.





The oscillations, in this case, can be analyzed in a much more complete way, because it is possible to use coils at right angles in order to obtain two-dimensional information about the oscillations and also to analyze phase variations of the oscillations.

Another way to add electronic resources to pendulum experiments is shown in Figure 7, where we couple a mirror to this pendulum and focus on a common beam of light, or even a laser beam.




The minimum movements of the pendulum are amplified by the angular displacement of the mirror, thus translating into signal variations accused by a photo sensor.

This photo sensor can be coupled to a common amplifier or even an oscilloscope.



A Russian radio technician, Seymond Kirlian, discovered that when high voltage fields were applied to living beings, a fluorescence appeared around it, associated with what is esoterically called the "aura."



Figure 8 - Seymond D. Kirlian who discovered the effect in 1960.
Figure 8 - Seymond D. Kirlian who discovered the effect in 1960.



Through the aura of a living being it would be possible to determine their emotional state, or even the presence of diseased parts or internal illness.

Experiments with plant leaves, as shown in Figure 9, demonstrate that diseased parts have differentiated "auras."


Figure 9 - Photo made with a
Figure 9 - Photo made with a "Kirlian Camera" of the "aura" of a leaf.



Technically the aura is obtained by the ionization of air, around a body charged with electricity, which occurs when the charges "escape" into the environment.

A metal tip attached to a charged body produces an ionic "effluvium" which is characterized by a color ranging from yellow to blue, depending on its intensity and the actual composition of the air around it, as shown in Figure 10. This effect , known by physicists as "tip effect" is harnessed in a large number of practical electronic applications.




The study of the aura of living beings has been widely disseminated, with the analysis not only of the shape of the luminescence around the being analyzed as of its coloration.





In Figure 11, we show a circuit which allows visualizing the aura of small living beings, leaves or even the hand of a person.

It is the popularly called "Kirlian Machine" that is nothing more than a source of VHV (Very High Voltage), like those used to accelerate the electrons in the television kinetoscopes. When assembling this circuit, be careful to insulate very well the parts where the high voltages are present. Using a common old TV fly-back can generate voltages from 20 to 30 kV.

The primary coil wound on the high voltage transformer consists from 8 to 10 turns of coiled common wire. The high voltage is applied to the living being through an electrode containing a sheet of glass. This sheet avoids direct discharge which could be dangerous for people wishing to see, for example, the "aura" of their fingers, as shown in Figure 12.





Placing between the living being and the glass sheet, virgin photographic films can obtain photos of the aura and still, using photo-sensors, one can "measure" the intensity of this aura in several points.

An interesting "economical" solution for aura registration is the use of fax paper.

As Figure 13 shows, simply cut out the paper and place it between the object you want to have the aura and the high voltage electrode. After leaving the paper for a few seconds to register, we "revealed" the image with a not too hot iron, being careful to leave the paper under a piece of thick fabric.





A printed circuit board for assembling this circuit is shown in Figure 14.





The explanation for the origin of the aura in living beings is due to esoteric theories which associate it with what is called a "vital effluvium" or a "vital force." There is even an association of mainly medical-based researchers, based in Denmark, who seeks scientific explanations for the patterns observed in Kirlian photographs. However, the explanations and associated theories have been very controversial which is certainly used by those who wish to take advantage of the good faith of others.

For us, there is the explanation based on physics and that works precisely for the elaboration of the circuits which allow its visualization.

Interested readers will surely find literature on the theoretical aspect of this aura, both in bookstores specialized in esoteric books and on many Internet websites. An important point for those intending to assemble a Kirlian machine is that high voltage can be dangerous if not used correctly.

In the Kirlian machine, the voltages are actually very high, but the extremely weak currents, limited by the circuits themselves, in order to minimize the direct effects of a shock. As for the contact with these voltages at the electrodes, the current has such a reduction which we have no sensation at all.

For the project we have described, using a glass sheet of appropriate thickness, we avoid the problem of shock which can at best become a slight tingling, and safety in use with living beings is manifested.


Obs: in this field, as in any other that sometimes takes advantage of the credulity and ignorance of many, also there are the smart ones. On the Internet itself, we find for sale a Kirlian machine for an exorbitant price, dozens of times the cost of components, with the "claim" that it is "secret technology" based on experiments done by renowned scientists and so on ... Nothing more than a simple high voltage generator which any of our readers with a good knowledge of electronics can assemble for a much lower price.



As in any indefinite field of science, research with dowsing and Kirlian photography is still very controversial. There are the well-known scientific principles (which we explore in our articles) and those that are still undefined.

For the serious researcher, it is very important to know where science should be separated from assumptions which have no foundation, and which are sometimes "proved" with explanations that do not withstand a deeper analysis.

It is a fascinating subject that we will continue to address in our next article in which we will talk about Telepathy.




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