Talking to the Dead (PN030E)

Can technology be used to provide communication means with the dead? This topic, now on the rise has found support from many researchers working on quantum computing, artificial intelligence and other features which are growing in importance to technology. In this article, we discuss an interesting application that is being studied and that can open the way for eventual communication with those who have already left this world.

Marconi and Edison, early in the radio era, already admitted that the recent invention of wireless media could pave the way for eventual contact with spirits.

Subsequent researches, that until now take place with the so-called Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC), which we discuss in several articles in this section, claim that radio, TV and other media technologies and even computing can be used for possible contact with other dimensions or even entities that have already left this world.

In our articles, we give you several suggestions on research which can be done and we suggest electronic devices, including many practical circuits, as in our book Paranormal Electronics published in the United States and for which we are redoing a new edition in Portuguese.

It is clear that in these articles, our technical training prevents us from commenting on the explanations of the phenomena when they do not fit into official science.

In fact, we are always commenting that official science is increasingly accepting research in many sectors which until then were not considered serious or with scientific foundations as it happens with the so-called paranormal phenomena.

Much is being researched in universities and serious research centers such as MIT, Harvard, University of California and many others in Europe and Asia.

Now, with the growth of quantum computing resources which seems to be part of our brain (as discussed in our article PN027E), and intelligence resources we have news.


Artificial Intelligence and Communication with the Dead

Artificial intelligence algorithms are becoming increasingly complex. It will not be an exaggeration to say that one day such algorithms may become entities with their own life, that is, a computer program can become a living entity as well as a robot that uses it.

The fact is becoming so obvious that there is already an entity that is defending the "right of machines" with an NGO which protects the intelligent machines that have their “lives” threatened.

In his book Fragrances of Life in the Future (in Portuguese), Prof. Zuffo explores the idea that programs which are in the "clouds" available on the internet create a life of their own, becoming entities or virtual creatures. We are on the way to transhumanism (PN043).

We are not far from it. In the United States, the children of a journalist killed in 2017, John James Vlahos can talk to their father through facebook.

What happened was that his father, a cancer sufferer, knowing he had his days counted, spent his last days recording his conversations with the subjects he liked best, thus creating a database with his "profile".

So, even after death, using this database, children can exchange ideas with the responding parent using information from this intelligent database.

And going further, a funeral home already uses artificial intelligence so that the relatives of the deceased maintain with it a post-mortem communication either through the internet or through the cell phone.

The project that makes use of special algorithms includes an information bank about the deceased which allows you to form an image of the deceased, his/her tastes, his/her memories, what he/she likes to talk about, the books he/she has read, the games he/she has already seen and even even his/he verbiage.

For now, the system only allows you to exchange written messages with the dead, whether through Whatsapp or Facebook. However, the creators of the project are working to get a bank of voices which can be used to imitate the voice of the deceased and so the conversation will be direct.

Missing the deceased entity, simply take the phone out of your pocket and dial their number (long distance to the other side ...) and talk to them (his/her avatar) for a few minutes.

The subject is also being explored in the first episode of Phase 2 of the series Black Mirror (Be Right Back) where Martha talks to her dead companion through a special program created from all their interactions with the Internet.

What will be the next step?



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