Experiments with Quantum Physics (PN034E)

The advances in the knowledge of quantum physics and some of their applications in the technology which started to appear, raise the curiosity of the readers interested in paranormal phenomena who try to imagine how to make practical experiments involving it. In this article, we make some considerations.

Of course, we still do not have simple interfaces which take us to the quantum world with ease enabling direct experiments.

However, in many cases, which we have already used in the experiments described in our section on this site, we do not need to directly manipulate extremely small entities where the phenomena happen, since we cannot obtain cheap equipment for this.

What we do then is to use any effects that occur with their manifestation and which can be detected by common sensor devices.

The research in this case, at least for now, has to be done indirectly, that is, imagining the experiment with the involvement of some quantum phenomenon, and by common means detect its effects.

Some considerations can be made, we always remind you that we do not, at any time, try to explain the phenomena, their origin or possible philosophical or mystical implications. Our purpose, with this article, is to give the possible elements for a research using technologically accessible means.


Indirect effects

In our book "Paranormal Electronics" we describe a great number of circuits which can be used in paranormal research of several phenomena.

For example, a temperature sensor can be used for telekinesis research, for example, based on the fact that a certain degree of concentration can act on a body by changing its temperature.

A light sensor can be used for the same purpose and even to detect the presence of "ghosts" in one place. They are the indirect effects that these phenomena can create.

The same way, we can think of how to detect eventual effects of a phenomenon that involves quantum physics can cause.

Thus, ordinary sensors, if properly applied, can be used in practical experiments on paranormal phenomena which have something to do with quantum physics.

In fact, taking into account our articles which report discoveries of structures in our brain and eventually in other parts of our body, that would have something to do with quantum computation and other phenomena, we can start from this point to study these structures by their effects in adjacent tissues which can be detected with common sensors.

For example, in the article "The Presence of Quantum Physics" (PN045) we commented that many phenomena that would be paranormal by essence, in reality could be considered common in the future, with totally scientific explanations. It all depends on the searches.

We have seen that many institutions are already working in this direction and certainly creating experiments which can be used in the verification of theories.

We suggest that our readers consult our articles in the paranormal electronic section, including PN043 (Premonition and Quantum Computation) that can help in the creation of experiments.

Use sensors. Sensors of light, heat, infrared, ultraviolet, magnetic fields, electric fields, very low voltages generated by living tissue and everything else that can be associated with electronic technology.

Even in the "Circuit Bank" section, we have many sensor circuits which can be easily implemented with low cost components and in some cases have extremely high sensitivity.

But be careful! A common problem for many researchers in this area is to draw incorrect conclusions before making a thorough examination of the subject.

Analyze and solve the problem using the scientific method. Do not want to invent solutions or mislead explanations, that is something not desired if you intend to do serious research.




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