The Presence of Quantum Physics (PN035E)

It was not the researchers working with quantum physics who suddenly found themselves in the face of phenomena that in other times would have been considered "paranormal", totally inexplicable to conventional science. It is not surprising that many of them have become mystics and have even begun to live a life somewhat remote from what can be called normal. In this article, written in the middle of the 21st century, we will deal with how quantum physics is changing the concepts we have of paranormal phenomena, showing that actually they are absolutely normal and can be applied by both science and technology of now and the future.

In many of our articles and lectures, we have addressed the convergence that is occurring in which electronic devices increasingly become a larger part of our body and even interfere in our minds.

Reducing the size of chips and integrated components, greater knowledge of the structures of our brain and our own body, leading to the discoveries and applications of nanotechnology with the observation of quantum phenomena occurring in these cases, is leading to a new vision for many of what would once be considered "paranormal phenomena" and therefore doubtful on conventional science.

We recently dealt with the discovery, a few years ago, of really small structures in our brain that would have no function but which could have important quantum behavior by their dimensions.

Equally, not so long ago, scientists discovered that there are structures in our brain, located in synapses, which could be realizing what is called "quantum computation", which would explain some capacities that we have and that before were given as due to paranormal activity.

The fact is that this presence of phenomena that could be explained by quantum physics in our brain, in our body and even in other living beings could explain many phenomena, thus opening up an interesting field of research and even applications for interested readers .


Quantum physics

Whoever has always learned to explain the world by conventional physics, when studying quantum physics has a shock. What is normal for our way of thinking, which follows the logic to which we are accustomed, disappears.

Suddenly we move from an inverse of 4 dimensions, 3 physical and time, to enter a universe with 10 dimensions, 9 physical and one temporal.

Things start to flee from our logic and by our way of thinking we find it difficult to understand and explain. It's time to use math and simply accept.

One of the most interesting phenomena that begins to be explained in a different light and can already be used in applications of technology is the one that deals with the entanglement of particles.

The idea that electrons and other particles are very well-defined entities in space, hence represented by "small spheres", does not apply to quantum physics.

Electrons are nothing more than "probability waves," which means that when we locate an electron around an atom, in fact, where we think it is, it is simply more likely to be there .

We can say that in 90% of the time it is there, but in the other 10% it can be near there and in a very small fraction in any part of the universe.

This means that this "particle" would not only have a physical location in our three-dimensional universe to which we are accustomed, but would also spread to the other dimensions of the quantum universe, the universe of small particles which did not expand at the big bang.

All very strange, because electrons, like other particles, could have interactions with each other through other dimensions, and this means the abolition of the concept that we have of distance in our three-dimensional space.

A distance of many light years from the space common to us would be reduced to zero in the world of particles when they would interact in other dimensions.

This explains the phenomenon of entangled electrons that even separated by huge physical distances continue to interconnect through other dimensions. We can act on one of them and this action instantly reflects on the other as, for example, a spin change.

Technology imagines in the future the possibility of a "quantum modem" in which we could transmit bits through the electron spins instantaneously, no matter what part of the universe they are in.

Quantum computing is now exploring how bits can be stored in what is called the spin of electrons. In fact, the spin is still reminiscent of the time it was believed that the electrons were spherical and could rotate in two ways, left or right resulting in the spin -1/2 and +1/2.


Paranormal activity

It is the fact that we found structures which could have quantum behavior in our body that may suddenly led us to believe in the possibility certain paranormal phenomena would have some kind of relation to it.

As we said in the introduction, when analyzing the philosophical implications quantum physics have in our explanation about the world around us creating conflicts which lead many scientists to tend to the mystical side, we can also say that this can also mess with what we call "paranormal ".

In fact, some scientists have already dealt with strange phenomena that could have explanations in a possible quantum interaction made by structures in our body, especially in our brain.

The discovery that in our brain there are structures which could be performing quantum computation explains both the capacity of our brain, greater than would be given by the number of neurons it possesses, such as some "paranormal" phenomena like premonition, telepathy, etc. (Article PN044)

A group of scientists, for example, found that two people, when they talk, enter a state of "tuning" by their brains that can be verified by the monitoring of electrical rhythms (PN023E).

But we can go further. These quantum structures could interact with our brain in dimensions that go beyond what we are accustomed to and can then explain paranormal phenomena that could never be accepted by traditional physics.

It is not by chance that many big name research institutions are researching these phenomena very seriously.


The "non-locality" of bodies

The fact that particles like electrons cannot have a fixed location but a high probability of being in one place holds true for our entire physical universe.

If we are here it is because, in reality, all the particles of our body have at that moment a very great probability to be here. However, for very small fractions of time, many of them are not here, leaving us and being in any other part of the universe.

We can say that we are here, but at the same time, in any other part of the universe, or perhaps in the whole universe. There would be a quantum interaction of our body with the whole universe, for we would be scattered throughout it.

If this scattering has any consequence or influence on our body, or in our brain we do not know, but can be used to explain phenomena such as deja vu and even what the mystics call the "astral body".

There is much to be researched and discovered. The convergence of human knowledge is on the way.

We have already quoted in our lectures and articles the need for the designers and researchers, who make use of electronics, to understand other sciences such as biology, chemistry and now we see the growing importance of quantum physics.