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Rectifier's Characteristics (using resistive loads) (IP100E )
Frequency x Wavelength for Some Frequencies (IP099E )
Voltage or Current Ratios VS Ratios and Decibels (IP098E)
Working with Intelligent LED Lighting Networks (ART334bE)
Time Calculations (IP096E )
Reactance Calculus (IP095E )
Velocity of Sound in Some Liquids (IP094E )
Velocity of Sound in Solids at 20° C (IP093E)
Conversion Factors of Multiplier for Converting Maximum Average and rms Values (IP092E)
Dieletric Strength of Some Materials (IP091E)
Dieletric Constant for Some Materials (IP090E )
Color Code for Resistor (IP089E)
Electrochemical Equivalents of Some Substances (IP088E )
Universal Wire Conversion Table (IP087E )
Standard Annealed Copper Wire (AWG & B&S) (IP086E)
Temperature Coefficient of Resistivity of Some Materials at 20º C (IP085E )
Conductance of Some Common Materials (IP084E)
Specific Resistance of Some Materials (IP083E)
Numerical Latin/Greek Prefixes (IP082E)
Power units conversion: (IP081E )
Conversion table for important non-electric units: (IP080E)
Conversion Table and Applied Electric Units (IP079E)
SI Units (IP077E)
The Cell Phone as a Decibel Meter (CEL006E)
Integrated Circuits Without Transistors (ART332E)
The Classification of Components (ART308E)
Using the Mobile Camera in Projects (CEL002E)
Where Can We Get Power to Our Projects (ART303E)
Seeing the Unseen with Mobile Phones (CEL001E)
Do You Use Your Phone to Buy Components? (ART302E)