4053 - Triple 2-Channel Analog Multiplexer-Demultiplexer (Mux-Demux) (CM042E)

Description: This package contains 3 differential 2-channel analog Mux/Demux. This device has three separated control inputs and an inhibit input. Each control input selects one of a pair of channels that are connected in a single pole-double through configuration.


Functional Diagram or/and Package:





Pin Names:

Vdd - Positive Supply Voltage [BV to 15V]

Vss - Ground

AX, BX, AY, BY, AZ, BZ - Inputs/ºutputs

X, Y, Z - Outputs/lnputs

lNH - lnhibit

Vee - -5V

A, B, C - Control Inputs


Truth Table:





Operation Mode:

a) Analog Mode

- Apply -5V to pin 7 and ground pin 8. Pin 8 is sourced with +5V.

- The selected channel is determined by the logic levels in the control lines A, B, and C. INH must be “0”.

- A controls the first switch. If A is high, AX is connected to X. if A is low, AY is connected to X. See truth table for more details.

- If lNH =1 all the switches are OFF and no channel is selected.


b) Digital Mode

- Ground pin 7 and pin 8. Pin ”IB is sourced with voltages between 3V and 15V.

- The selected channel of each switch is determined by the logic levels applied to the control lines A, B, and C. INH must be “0”.

- lf INH = 1, no channel is selected.

- In the ON state the devices acts as a low value resistor [see Electrical Characteristics].


Electrical Characteristics:





Other Devices:

The 4051 is a 1-of-8 switch and the 4052 is a dual 1-of-4 switch. Each has the same electrical characteristics and operation mode.



Analog and Digital Multiplexing and Demultiplexing

Signal Gating

A/D and D/A Converters



Maximum amplitude of the analog signal must be limited to '10Vpp

The minimum load resistance is 100 ohm.

The maximum current through the device is 25 mA.




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