4071 Quad 2-Input OR Buffered B Series Gate (CM046E)

Description: This package contains four independent buffered B series OR gates. The high-outputcapabilities of this device make it ideal for riving two low-power TTL inputs or one TTL LS.


Functional Diagram and/or Package:





Pin Names:

Vdd - Positive Supply Voltage [3V to 15V]

Vss - Ground

A1, B1, A2, B2, A3, BB, A4, B4 - Inputs

O1, O2, O3, O4 – Outputs


Truth Table:

A B 0
0 0 0
0 1 1
1 0 1
1 1 1


Operation Mode:

- The gates are independent.

- The logic level at the output of any gate is determined by the logic levels applied to the inputs according to the truth table.


Electrical Characteristics:





Other Devices:

NOR gates can be implemented using OR gates and an inverter.



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- Oscillators




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