4094 8-Bit Shift Register and Latch (CM055E)


This package contains an 8-bit shift register and a tri-state 8-bit Iatch. The output of the last stage can be used to cascade several devices..


Functional Diagram and/or Package:





Pin names:

Vdd - Positive Supply Voltage (3V to 15V)

Vss - Ground

Q1 to Q8 - Data Outputs

CLK – Clock

D - Date

ST - Strobe

EN - Output Enable

Q's - Complementary Output

Qs – Output


Truth Table:





Operation Mode:

The parallel outputs are connected directly to common bus lines.

Data is shifted with the positive transition of the clock signal.

Data in each shift-register stage is transferred to the storage register when the strobe input ST is placed at “1“

Data appears at the out- puts Whenever EN is “1”


Electrical Characteristics:






Serial to Parallel Data Conversion

Remote Control Holding Register



Two serial outputs are available by the use of cascaded 4094 devices.



Circuit Bench