How to Test Operational Amplifiers (INS033E)

To test an Operational Amplifier (AO) we can use a simple arrangement and instrument as a multimeter. We will need the following material to assemble the test circuit:

a) DC Multimeter or Voltmeter

b) Power supply 9 to 15 V (depending on the operation)


Electronic material:

P1 - 100 k ohm - potentiometer

R1, R2 - 10 k ohm x 1/8 W - resistors



The simple test circuit is shown in the figure below.






Turning the power on should read either 0 V or the supply voltage of the source (Vcc).

By moving the potentiometer slider, when we get close to half of the full turn, there must be a moment when the rapid transition of the measured voltage occurs. If it was at 0 it passes to the Vcc and if it was at Vcc it changes to zero.

By connecting the points as shown in the diagram, we will have a voltage follower. With this configuration, when acting on the potentiometer the voltage transition from 0 to Vcc or Vcc to zero will be smooth.

Occurring as indicated is a sign that the operating amplifier is in good condition.



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