Meet the Press-FIT Technology for Wurth High Current Connectors (ART338bE)

Readers who visited us at the FIEE (July 2017 - São Paulo - Brazil) at the Mouser Electronics’ stand saw the Würth Elektronik board where high current terminals built on a demonstration board could withstand currents up to 250 A. Although we have explained to many how this was possible, many doubts remained. We do not promise, but here is a short article explaining how this technology works.

In documentation that can be accessed through Mouser’s website which distributes Wurth products at: 

But here's the key information on how these high current characteristics and very low contact resistance can be obtained.

Wurth's REDCUBE terminal technology is the most reliable solution for high current contacts on printed circuit boards. (see more at:

With the possibility of products for board-to-board or wire-to-board connection, the REDCUBE connectors can reach currents of 500 A.

In Figure 1 we have the basic idea of ??the assembly of these connectors, which, as the name suggests, are cold-pressed onto the printed circuit board.


Figure 1 - Simple pressure binding
Figure 1 - Simple pressure binding



The fixation is extremely efficient, requiring an extraction force of 10 kg/pin and there is no need for welding. The degree of efficiency can be further evaluated by obtaining a connection resistance of only 200 uOhm.



Figure 2 - High fixation efficiency
Figure 2 - High fixation efficiency



The fixation process occurs as follows: when pressing the component on the board, the pins enter the galvanized holes producing a cold junction between the materials.

The result is a very strong connection with very low contact resistance, which allows operation with very strong currents.

In Figure 3 we have an example of an extremely compact connector that can operate with currents up to 120 A.


Figure 3 - An example of the 120 A connector
Figure 3 - An example of the 120 A connector



Because common welding is not used, the heat resistance is high, reaching + 125 ° C and, in addition, we have the advantage of not needing any additional fixation resources, such as screws.

Another important Würt technology for high current connectors within the same family is REDCUBE SMD & THR, which we'll cover in another article.







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