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Rheostat (ART492E)

Control the intensity of a direct current of up to 3 amps in a load. The complete rheostat circuit is shown in figure 1.






• Dimmer of direct current controlling brightness of lamps or speed of motors of direct current.

• Applications in robotics and automation

• Brightness control of car or engine panel lamps

• SMA drive control


Constructive Details:

In figure 2 we give a suggestion of printed circuit board for the assembly of the rheostat.




Note the thicker tracks for driving the main chain.


The transistor must be equipped with a heatsink compatible with the intensity of the controlled current. The input voltage must be at least 1 V higher than the highest voltage to be applied to the load. Potentiometer P1 must be wire.



Q1 - TIP41 or equivalent - NPN power transistor



R1 - 470 ohm x 2 W

P1 - 1 k ohm - wire potentiometer



Wires, solder, heat radiator for transistor, printed circuit board.