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Time Light (ART494E)

Keep the lamp on for a fixed time after S1 is pressed. Do not use with another type of lamp. The circuit can operate on both 110 V and 220 V mains with lamps up to 100 W. The circuit is half-wave, ie the lamp lights up with half the normal brightness.

In figure 1 we have the complete circuit of the time light. The maximum interval is of the order of a few minutes and depends on C1.






• Lighting of hallway lights and elevator halls

• Timed activation of various loads such as fans and heating elements.

• Timing of industrial automations where high accuracy is not required.


Constructive Details:

The printed circuit board for mounting the time light is shown in figure 2.


Figure 2
Figure 2



The capacitor C1 is a high voltage electrolytic, for 200 V if the grid is 110 V and 400 V if the grid is 220 V. The SCR must be mounted on a heat radiator. The values in parentheses are for the 220 V network.

The load must be resistive and the control is half wave.



SCR - TIC106B or D - SCR for 110 V or 220 V according to the local network

D1 - 1N4004 (110 V) or 1N4007 (220 V) - silicon diode


Resistors: (1/8 W, 5%)

R1 - 100k ohm

R2 - 47 k ohm



C1 - 2 uF at 16 uF x 200 or 400 V - high voltage electrolytic - see text



X1 - incandescent lamp up to 100 W

Printed circuit board, heat radiator for SCR, wires, solder, etc.