Internet Connected Toaster (CUR004E)

We’ve reported a few years ago in an interesting case of students from Brunel University (England) who developed a bread toaster with internet access.

It is logical that the first question one asks is "why does a toaster need to access the internet?" But the idea of the students, who won a prize for having the most creative project, is simple to understand.

What they did was to adapt a thermal recording head used in printers to an ordinary toaster and connect this recording head to a controller with access to the local weather site.

So when the Englishman always worried about the weather made his toast in the morning, at the same time as it was prepared, the toaster would reach the weather forecast and print the map with it on the toast.

At jumping of the toaster, the Englishman would have a weather forecast for the day engraved on the toast ...

In a second version were used heat resistant plastic matrices that would be etched and placed between the toast and the heating element.