Back to the Future (ART423E)

With advances in technology, especially those involving quantum physics, we are increasingly realizing that a time travel may be possible in the future. Maybe it is not the way the well-known film "Back to the Future" preaches, as we're just crawling into the understanding of its phenomena. But there is something behind it. In this article we make some interesting considerations on the subject.

In the physics of small things, involving dimensions on the order of an atom, the laws known and studied traditionally are not valid. In this universe, now reached by nanotechnology, the universe shows itself in more dimensions than we are used to.

 Our universe is three-dimensional and this causes everything here to occur in the three axes which we can feel, x, y, and z, that is, everything has length, width, and height, and moreover we have the time dimension ruling everything.




In the quantum universe, there are more dimensions, those which are "embedded" in the small particles when our universe got formed and expanded and for them, the laws known here are not valid, and even the time dimension play tricks on us.


The time in these embodied dimensions, which are manifested in some phenomena that we can only observe in particle accelerators and eventually astrophysical observations, may not happen the same way as “here”.


The effect coming before the cause is something which surprises us when we observe the destruction of a particle in an experiment, before its cause is produced. Time, it seems, "flows backwards" in these cases.


And going further, we realized that in some experiments involving "entangled particles", time does not seem to exist and they communicate with one another, even though they are apart in a specific moment.


Can we, one day, "manipulate" these quantum properties initially from the particles and then into the "macro" world they form?


Do portals or transports of things from one place to another go through "other dimensions" instantly, as we see in the Star Trek film, or modems which can send messages from one point to another in the universe instantly possible?



Would the so-called "wormholes", that would allow spaceships to enter a point in the universe and emerge in another instantly, explored in movies and speculated by researchers, be the natural manifestations of these phenomena?


The fact is that as technology advances, with nanotechnology becoming more accurate, the use of these phenomena governed by quantum physics becomes more and more feasible and concrete.


There are already sensors which can work with quantum phenomena that manifest themselves between two magnetic materials, TMR (Tunnel Magnetoresistive) sensors and certainly quantum computing.


We are still far from a car (not a car like in the movie, but maybe a drone) that takes us into the future or into the past, if that is possible, but studies continue.

Perhaps a problem which we run into is precisely our concept of future and past. Does not this concept need a revision?


For a physical phenomenon, the inversion of time may be natural on a quantum scale, but does the flux we call time also have the same laws in our macro world?


It may well occur that in the quantum universe it is reversible, but in the macro universe it is not. This nature of the time that still intrigues the researchers is still something that needs to be much better known.


Who knows, someone from the future can come to me now and teach me something else that I do not know about all this. I wish.


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