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Direction Indicator for Bike (CB931E)

This circuit was found in Electronics Handbook, Vol XIII 1993 and consists of a simple direction indicator or arrow to bicycles. The circuit is triggered when pressing PB1 and PB2 after S1 being closed. The LEDs are common and the circuit is powered by four small batteries. The components are given in the list below:

Q1 - BC548 or 2N2222 - Transistor

R1, R2 - 100k ohm 1/8 x W

R3 - 1 k ohm

R4, R5, R7, R8 - W 1 x 100 Ω

R6 - 10 K Ω

C1 10 µF electrolytic V x 12

L1, L2, L3, L4 - red LED high-brightness

PB1, PB2- pressure switches NA

S1 - SPST switch

IC1- 555 - Integrated circuit




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