ON Semiconductor AMIS−3910XGEVB Evaluation Board

ON Semiconductor AMIS−3910XGEVB Evaluation Board demonstrates the features and capabilities of the AMIS−39101 high side driver in SOIC package. AMIS-39101 is a robust high side driver featuring eight independent high current output drive channels along with a number of integrated fault protection circuits. This highly integrated device is designed for controlled delivery of power to a large variety of loads in industrial applications including motors, relays and LED arrays, among others. With all driver output channels in the conducting state, each channel can source up to 350mA of continuous current (resistive load). The AMIS−3910XGEVB Evaluation Board provides all external components needed for operating AMIS−39101, allowing users to quickly assess the AMIS−39101.



  • Eight High Side Output Drivers
  • Up to 830mA Continuous Current per Driver Pair (Resistive Load)
  • Charge Pump with One External Capacitor
  • Serial Interface
  • Short−circuit Protection
  • Diagnostic Features
  • Power−down Mode
  • Internal Thermal Shutdown
  • 3.3V and 5V Microcontroller Compliant
  • Excellent System ESD
  • Automotive Compliant
  • Temperature Range of −40°C to +150°C
  • Available in 28−pin SOIC
  • Pb−Free


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