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Bidirectional Current Monitor (ART485E)


Many applications related to the control of motors and other types of two-way DC loads require the monitoring of the current flowing through these loads. The circuit shown in figure 1, suggested by Intersil ( in its Application Note 1298 uses an EL8170 integrated circuit.






This circuit can monitor currents up to 2 A in both directions, when the output voltage will vary from 0 V (for -2 A) to +4.0 V (for +2 A). The very low-value branch resistor practically does not "steal" any power from the fed load. In this application the amplifier has a gain 100 and is powered by a 15 voltage source.

Changing the value of Rs can modify the range of measured currents. Note, however, that the maximum voltage between X1 and X2 must be 5 V.