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Renesas Electronics RV1S92xxA IC Photocouplers

Available at Mouser Electronics, the Renesas Electronics RV1S92xxA Photocouplers use tiny LSSO5 packages with a 0.65mm pin pitch. These compact devices secure creepage distance to 8.2mm and reduce the mounting area by 35% in comparison with a conventional LSO5 package. With a package height of 2.1mm, these photocouplers can be directly mounted on the backside of a PCB, freeing up valuable space for topside mounted components. Three times infrared reflow soldering provides maximum flexibility. The RV1S92xxA Photocouplers' electric isolation and high CMR noise rejection (50kV/µs) protects low voltage microcontrollers and I/O devices from high voltage circuits when transferring high-speed signals. The Renesas Electronics RV1S92xxA Photocouplers include the RV1S9207A and RV1S9231A IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) Drivers and the RV1S9209A IPM (Intelligent Power Module) Driver. The RV1S92xxA Photocouplers support 200V and 400V systems with reinforced insulation to meet industrial safety standards. All three devices adhere to the strict UL61800-5-1 standard for motor drive equipment.

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