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Texas Instruments TPS25946EVM eFuse Evaluation Board

Available from Mouser, Texas Instruments TPS25946EVM eFuse Evaluation Board enables the evaluation of TPS259460A and TPS259460L eFuses from TPS25946 family. The TPS25946 device is a 2.7V to 23V, 5.5A eFuse with integrated 28.3mΩ FET. This evaluation module comes with adjustable ITimer, dVdt, ILM, and PGTH settings. The input power is applied at connector J1, while J2 provides the output connection for the evaluation module. TVS diodes, U2 and U3, provide input protection from transient overvoltages, while Schottky diode D2 provides output protection for the TPS25946. TVS diode U3 is useful to protect the Texas Instruments TPS25946 during transient caused by a short circuit at the connector J1 when power is flowing from OUT (Connector J2) to IN (Connector J1). S1 allows U1 to be RESET or disabled. A Power Good (PG) indicator is provided by a LED (D3). Scaled device current can be monitored at TP8 with a factor of 0.13 V/A.

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