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Texas Instruments TLV3601EVM Comparator Evaluation Module (EVM)

Mouser Electronics announces theTexas Instruments TLV3601EVM Comparator Evaluation Module (EVM), designed to evaluate the TLV3601 and TLV3603. The TLV3601 and TLV3603 are 2.5ns high-speed rail-to-rail comparators with push-pull outputs. The evaluation module has layout options to make it simple to evaluate the performance with different measurement tools. The output of the Texas Instruments TLV3601 allows for direct connection to a 50Ω terminated oscilloscope input or a high-speed, high impedance FET probe. The PCB footprint for the comparator accommodates either the 5-pin SC70 TLV3601 or the 6-pin SC70 TLV3603 to be soldered on the board.

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