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Maxim Integrated MAX25606 6-Switch Matrix Manager for LED Lighting

Mouser Electronics indicates the Maxim Integrated MAX25606 6-Switch Matrix Manager for LED Lighting, optimized for single- or dual-string automotive lighting applications. The MAX25606 integrates six individually controlled N-channel MOSFET switches. Each switch has an on-resistance of 0.2Ω and is rated to withstand 16V. A single current source can be used to power all the LEDs connected in series. Individual LEDs can be dimmed by turning on and off the bypass switches across each LED. The MAX25606 can also be configured in two-string applications with three switches in series per string. Each switch can be connected across one, two, or three LEDs in series. This device also allows for the parallel connection of two switches to bypass high-current LEDs. The MAX25606 includes an internal charge pump that provides power for the gate drive for the LED bypass switches. The MAX25606 features a Universal Asynchronous Receiver-Transmitter (UART) communication interface. Each switch can be turned on, turned off, or PWM modulated with 12-bits of PWM duty cycle adjustment. Transitions between two different PWM settings can either happen instantly or a logarithmic fade transition can be applied. The logarithmic fade algorithm is built into the MAX25606 and only requires a single software command. This device features open-LED protection as well as open and short LED fault reporting through the serial interface.

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