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Infineon Technologies TLE956x DC Motor System ICs

Available from Mouser Electronics. Infineon Technologies TLE956x DC Motor System ICs combine DC motor control with supply functionalities such as power supply, CAN FD, and LIN. The TLE956x ICs offer high integration and high performance with optimized system cost for DC motor control applications. The devices combine advanced half-bridge gate drivers with power and communication supply. The TLE956x DC Motor System ICs feature multi MOSFET driver in brushed DC 2x or 4x half-bridges pre-driver configuration. The drivers implement Infineon’s patented Adaptive MOSFET Control concept. In addition, the ICs are enriched with a low-dropout voltage regulator of up to 250mA, CAN FD (5Mbit/s) and LIN transceiver, and high-side switches (7Ω typ.), wake inputs, and supervision features. All devices are available in a VQFN-48 (7mm x 7mm) package.

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