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Littelfuse LSIC1MO170T0750 N-Channel SiC MOSFET

Littelfuse LSIC1MO170T0750 N-Channel SiC MOSFET is a 1700V Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOSFET optimized for high-frequency, high-efficiency applications. This MOSFET features an extremely low 11nC gate charge, low 11.5pF output capacitance, and a low 29Ω gate resistance for high-frequency switching. The LSIC1MO170T0750 MOSFET also has an ultra-low drain-source on-state resistance of 750mΩ (typical, at ID = 2A, VGS = 20V). The low gate charge and on-resistance of this device translates into lower conduction and switching losses, respectively. The Littelfuse LSIC1MO170T0750 SiC MOSFET is offered in a TO-263-7L package with extra clearance between the source and gate pins. The separated source pin significantly reduces the parasitic source inductance path to the driver, which helps improve efficiency in high power applications.

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