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Texas Instruments bq7965x Q1 Battery Monitor, Balancer and Protector

Mouser Electronics is distributing Texas Instruments bq7965x-Q1 Battery Monitor, Balancer & Hardware Protector that provides high-accuracy cell voltage measurements for a minimum of 6S to a maximum of 16S battery modules in less than 200µs. The bq79652-Q1 (12S), bq79654-Q1 (14S), or bq79656-Q1 (16S) also supports shunt-resistor current sense measurement. The integrated front-end filters enable the system to implement simple, low voltage raring, differential RC filters on the cell input channels. The integrated, post-ADC, low-pass filters enable filtered DC-like voltage measurements. The bq7965x-Q1 also supports integrated current sensing capabilities with the option to synchronize with cell voltage measurements for a better state of charge (SOC) calculation. The device supports autonomous internal cell balancing with temperature monitoring to auto-pause and resumes balancing to avoid an overtemperature condition.

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