Texas Instruments bq25672 3A Buck Battery Charger

Mouser Electronics is distributing the Texas Instruments bq25672 3A Buck Battery Charger a fully integrated switch-mode buck charger for 1-4 cell Li-ion batteries and Li-polymer batteries. The bq25672 is also capable of producing a buck-boost, 5V to 12V, output voltage on VBUS when operating in OTG Mode. The integration includes the switching MOSFETs, input and charging current sensing circuits, the battery FET, and all the loop compensation of the converter. It uses NVDC power path management, regulating the system not dropping below a configurable minimum system voltage. When system power exceeds the input source rating, battery supplement mode supports the system without overloading the input source. It also maximizes the power from photovoltaic panels using its built-in VOC scaling MPPT algorithm.

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