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Eaton PTSA Automotive Resettable PTC Fuses

Available at Mouser Electronics, Eaton PTSA Automotive Resettable PTC Fuses are polymeric positive temperature coefficient overcurrent protection devices. These fuses provide above 13V ideal voltage rating for typical automotive circuitry, low resistances, and fast time-to-trip performance. The PTSA fuses offer 100mA to 2.6A holding current range and the PTSAHT fuses offer 100mA to 500mA holding current range. The PTSA family fuses are available in four surface-mount Printed Circuit Board (PCB) footprints from 0805 up to 1812 with AEC-Q200 qualification. The PTSAHT fuses feature high-temperature PPTCs that withstand operating temperatures up to 125°C. These fuses are used in applications such as infotainment, in-vehicle navigation, telematics, car lighting, power window and seat control, instrument clusters, and PCB trace protection.

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