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Mini-Circuits BFCQ LTCC Bandpass Filters


Mini-Circuits BFCQ LTCC Bandpass Filters are innovative and industry-leading devices with the 5G n258, n257, and n260 bands and handle up to 1W RF input power. The bandpass filters feature a surface-mountable pick and place standard case style, a wide rejection band, high-quality distributed filter topology, and low insertion loss. These BFCQ filters achieve repeatable performance on a lot-to-lot basis up to mmWave frequencies by utilizing a proprietary LTCC material system and a distributed filter topology. The bandpass filters are available in 2.5mm x 2mm dimensions that allow the high layout density of circuit boards while minimizing the effects of parasitics. These BFCQ models handle up to 1W RF input power and provide a wide operating temperature range from -55°C to 125°C. The LTCC bandpass filters are ideally used in 5G telecommunications.

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