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Texas Instruments TPS548B27 20A Step-Down Converter


Texas Instruments distributes by Mouser the TPS548B27 20A Step-Down Converter is a small, high-efficiency synchronous buck converter with an adaptive on-time D-CAP3 control mode. Because external compensation is not required, the device is easy to use and requires few external components. The device is well-suited for space-constrained data center applications. The TPS548B27 device has differential remote sense, high-performance integrated MOSFETs, and an accurate ±1%, 0.6V reference over the entire operating junction temperature range. The device features fast load-transient response, accurate load/line regulation, Skip mode or FCCM operation, and programmable soft-start. The Texas Instruments TPS548B27 is a lead-free device. It is fully RoHS-compliant without exemption.

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