Nexperia LFPAK56D Half-Bridge MOSFETs


Available from Mouser, the Nexperia LFPAK56D Half-Bridge MOSFETs offer 60% lower parasitic inductance and improved thermal performance constructed in the space-saving LFPAK56D package. The LFPAK56D MOSFETs have removed PCB tracks and permit simple automated optical inspection (AOI) during production, resulting in a 30% lower PCB area than dual MOSFETs 3 phase motor control topologies. The Nexperia LFPAK56D Half-Bridge MOSFETs provide proven automotive reliability and use flexible leads to improve overall reliability. The package format allows an internal copper clip connection between the MOSFETs, simplifies PCB designs, and brings a plug-and-play style solution with exceptional current handling capability.

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