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NJR NJM8087 Operational Amplifier


NJR (New Japan Radio) NJM8087 Operational Amplifier is a JFET-input high speed, low noise, and low distortion op-amp. This device features a 20V/μs high slew rate, 10nV/√Hz low noise, 0.0004% THD+N, 25pA input bias current, and 2.6mA low supply current. The NJM8087 operates from ±4V to ±16V dual supply range, 8V to 32V single supply range, 7MHz gain bandwidth, and -40°C to 125° temperature range. This device offers unity gain stability for 1000pF capacitive loads, no phase reversal over input voltage, and low saturation output that allows increased dynamic range. The NJM8087 also provides high EMI immunity that reduces malfunctions caused by RF noises from mobile phones and other electronic devices. This device is available in SOP8 (EMP8) package and is used in applications such as sensor amplifiers, amplifiers for musical instruments, photodiode amplifiers, and active filters.

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