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Texas Instruments ADC08DJ5200RF 8-Bit ADC Converter


Mouser Electronics distributes the Texas Instruments ADC08DJ5200RF 8-Bit Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC). It is an RF-sampling, giga-sample ADC that directly samples input frequencies from DC to above 10GHz. The ADC08DJ5200RF can be configured as a dual-channel, 5.2GSPS ADC or single-channel, 10.4GSPS ADC. The support of a useable input frequency range of up to 10GHz enables direct RF sampling of L-band, S-band, C-band, and X-band for frequency agile systems. The Texas Instruments ADC08DJ5200RF uses a high-speed JESD204C output interface with 16 serialized lanes supporting up to 17.16Gbps line rate. Deterministic latency and multi-device synchronization is supported through JESD204C subclass-1. The JESD204C interface can be configured to trade-off line rate and the number of lanes. Both 8b/10b and 64b/66b data encoding schemes are supported. 64b/66b encoding supports forward error correction (FEC) for improved bit error rates. The interface is backward compatible with JESD204B receivers

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