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Silicon Labs EFM8BB51 and EFM8BB52 Busy Bee 8-Bit MCUs


Silicon Labs EFM8BB51 and EFM8BB52 Busy Bee MCUs are multi-purpose microcontrollers with a comprehensive feature set in compact packages. These devices offer high value by integrating advanced analog and communication peripherals into a small footprint, making them ideal for space-constrained applications. With an efficient 8051 core, 5V capable I/O, precision analog, and enhanced pulse-width modulation, the EFM8BB51 and EFM8BB52 MCUs are optimal for embedded applications. The Silicon Labs EFM8BB51 and EFM8BB52 Busy Bee MCUs include on-chip power-on reset, a voltage supply monitor, a watchdog timer, and an integrated clock oscillator. The Flash memory is re-programmable in-circuit, providing nonvolatile data storage and allowing field upgrades of the firmware. The on-chip debugging interface (C2) allows non-intrusive (uses no on-chip resources) in-circuit debugging using the production MCU installed in the final application. This debug logic supports inspection and modification of memory and registers, setting breakpoints, single-stepping, and run and halt commands. All analog and digital peripherals are fully functional while debugging.

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