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Texas Instruments LMG34XX-BB-EVM GaN System Evaluation Board


Texas Instruments LMG34XX-BB-EVM GaN System Evaluation Board is an easy-to-use breakout board to configure any LMG341x half bridge board, such as the LMG3410-HB-EVM, as a synchronous buck converter. By providing a power stage, bias power, and logic circuitry, this evaluation module allows for quick measurements of the GaN device switching. This evaluation module can deliver up to 8A of output current with adequate thermal management (forced air, low-frequency operation, etc.) to ensure the maximum operating temperature is not exceeded. The Texas Instruments LMG34XX-BB-EVM is not suitable for transient measurements since it is an open loop board. A single pulse width modulated input is required, with complementary pulse width modulated signals and corresponding dead time generated on board. Probe points allow for key logic and power stage waveforms to be measured with oscilloscope probes with short ground springs.

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