NXP Semiconductors PTN38007 Multi protocol USB4 Linear Redriver


NXP Semiconductors PTN38007 Multi-protocol USB4 20Gbps Linear Redriver is optimized for USB3.2, DisplayPort 1.4, and Thunderbolt3 Alt modes / USB4 applications on either the downstream facing port (DFP) or upstream facing port (UFP) applications. The PTN38007 features a snooping monitor of the sideband signals from DP mode (AUX) and Thunderbolt3/USB4 mode (LSTX/RX) to optimize the configuration and recognize power saving modes. The NXP PTN38007 Multi-protocol USB4 20Gbps Linear Redriver offers programmable linear equalization, output swing linearity control by pin strapping, or I2C control to improve signal integrity and enable channel extension by reducing inter-symbol interference (ISI). The PTN38007 is typically used between the processor and a retimer that faces USB Type-C™ ports.

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