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Diodes Incorporated AP3128 PWM Controller


Diodes Incorporated AP3128 PWM Controller is a peak-current control and multi-mode (QR+CCM) PWM controller. This controller is optimized for high performance, low standby power, and cost-effective offline flyback converters. The AP3128 controller is designed to enter burst mode at no-load/light-load and minimizes standby power consumption. This controller features a 105kHz maximum switching frequency that clamps the QR frequency to reduce switching power loss and the minimum frequency avoids audible noise. The AP3128 controller offers multi-mode control, soft start during the startup process, frequency foldback for high average efficiency, and secondary winding short protection with FOCP. Typical applications include a cell phone charger, Power Delivery (PD) application, ATX/BTX auxiliary power, Set-Top Box (STB) power supply, and open frame switching power supply.

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