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onsemi NCV1362 Automotive Primary Flyback Controllers


onsemi NCV1362 Automotive Primary Side Flyback Controllers are highly integrated primary side quasi-resonant flyback controllers designed for controlling rugged and high-performance off-line power supplies. Utilizing a Novel Method, the NCV1362 saves the secondary feedback circuitry for constant voltage and constant current regulation. This method and feature allow for excellent line and load regulation without traditional optocoupler and TL431 voltage reference. The onsemi NCV1362 Automotive Primary Side Flyback Controllers provide high efficiency by operating in valley lockout quasi-resonant peak current mode control mode at high load. When the power on the secondary side starts to reduce, the NCV1362 automatically adjusts the duty-cycle, then at lower load, the controller enters in pulse frequency modulation at fixed peak current with a valley switching detection. This technique keeps the output regulation within a tiny dummy load. Valley lockout at the first four valleys prevents valley jumping operation, and then a valley switching at lower load implements high efficiency.

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