ABLIC S-19720 Series Automotive Voltage Tracker


ABLIC S-19720 Series Automotive Voltage Tracker features high-withstand voltage CMOS process technology and low current consumption. With a maximum operating voltage of 36V and a current consumption as low as 3µA, the S-19720 reduces standby current. This device operates stably due to the internal phase compensation circuit so that users can use a low ESR ceramic capacitor as the output capacitor. The S-19720 includes an overcurrent protection circuit that prevents the load current from exceeding the current capacity of the output transistor and a thermal shutdown circuit that prevents damage because of overheating. Due to the built-in reverse current protection function, the reverse current flowing from the VOUT pin to the VIN pin can be controlled at -5mA. This feature eliminates the need for an external protection diode.

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