Diodes Incorporated PI2DPX20xx Linear ReDrivers™

Diodes Incorporated PI2DPX20xx Linear ReDrivers™ offer transparent to channel link training and have ultra-low signal latency, allowing good signal integrity and system compatibility. The PI2DPX2020 is a high-performing 1.8V Linear ReDriver product supporting 20Gbps USB4 Type-C® single or dual port operation and provides flexible modes of operation, enabling additional protocols, including Thunderbolt™4 and DisplayPort 2.0 (UHBR20). Furthermore, the PI2DPX2023 and PI2DPX2063 are 1.8V four-lane DisplayPort 2.0 (UHBR20) linear ReDrivers with maximum data rates (up to 20Gbps) per lane, supporting various DisplayPort transmission modes.

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