Littelfuse ESR High-Speed Square Body Fuses

Littelfuse Energy Storage Rack (ESR) High-Speed Square Body Fuses are designed to protect battery racks in energy storage systems, inverters, and many other DC applications. Littelfuse ESR 1500VDC High-Speed Square Body Fuses are extremely fast-acting and respond quickly to various fault currents to safeguard the battery module or other devices. This Class aBat partial range fuse has superior short circuit protection and a low minimum breaking capacity (from 300% or 3 times the fuse's rated current to 175kA or 250kA self-certified) to cover a range of over-currents that traditional high-speed partial range fuses do not protect against. The ESR fuse safely interrupts most faults in a battery storage system to avoid catastrophic failures and costly shutdowns.

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