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Vishay / Dale IHDM-1107BB-x0 High-Current Through-Hole Inductors
Toshiba TCR3UM 300mA Low Dropout Regulators
Toshiba TC7SB3157DL6X Digital BUS Switch IC
Texas Instruments DLPC4430 DLP® Display Controller
CUI Devices 6mm x 3mm Tactile Switches
Vitrohm Resistors
Kinetic Technologies KTS1675A Over-Voltage Protection IC
IXYS IX4 Ultra Junction-Power MOSFETs
Analog Devices Inc. AD4630-24 24-Bit 2MSPS Dual Channel SAR ADCs
Toshiba TCR2LN 200mA Low Dropout Regulators
Toshiba DF2xxM5CT ESD Protection Diodes
Murata Electronics LDM RF Baluns
ams OSRAM TMF8820/21/28 Multizone Time-of-Flight Sensor
Nexperia PNE20040CPE 2 x 2A Hyperfast Recovery Rectifier
Nexperia BZX38450 Low-Current Voltage Regulator Diodes
Cree LED CLQ6A 3-in-1 SMD LEDs
Sensirion SHT4xI Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensors
Ricoh Electronic Devices Company RP120Z LDO Regulators
Ricoh Electronic Devices Company R5617 Series Battery Protection ICs
Texas Instruments LM7171 Voltage Feedback Amplifier
Texas Instruments LM61430EVM-AS-2MHZ Converter Evaluation Module
onsemi NSDP301MX3 Single PIN Diode
Toshiba TCK12xBG 1A Load Switch ICs
Qorvo QPD1028 & QPD1028L 750W GaN on SiC Transistors
Toshiba 2SA/2SC Bipolar Transistors
Maxim Integrated MAX22290/MAX22291 Two-Channel Digital Isolators
Toshiba RN Automotive Bias Resistor Built-in Transistors
Analog Devices Inc MAX31888 Digital Temperature Sensor
Vishay VEML3235 Ambient Light Sensors
Toshiba TLP223GA Photorelays
Diodes Incorporated AP64202Q Synchronous Buck Converter
STMicroelectronics STNRG328S Digital Controller for STC HSTC
Renesas Electronics RAA227063 3-Phase Smart Gate Drivers
OSRAM Opto Semiconductors BIDOS® P2433 Q VCSEL Power Arrays
GeneSiC Semiconductor 3300V SiC MOSFETs
Texas Instruments TPS25854Q1EVM-164 Controller Evaluation Module
Texas Instruments LMG34XX-BB-EVM GaN System Evaluation Board
Skyworks Solutions Inc Si892x Isolated Amplifiers
ABLIC S-82P1A and S-82P1B Battery Protection ICs
Renesas Electronics RTD120D Thermopile Gas Detector CO2 Evaluation Kit
Lumileds LUXEON 7070 Series
Maxim Integrated MAX22199 Octal Industrial Digital Input
Texas Instruments LM74701Q1EVM Controller Evaluation Module
Bourns SRF7035A Common Mode Chokes
ROHM Semiconductor LTR100L High Power Thick Film Shunt Resistors
WeEn Semiconductores WNSC2D16650CJ y WNSC2D20650CJ Diodos Schottky SiC
Mini Circuits ZB8PD DC Pass Power Splitter
Micro Commercial Components (MCC) SS12-L to SS110-L Schottky Rectifiers
STMicroelectronics STGIK50CH65T SLLIMM High Power IPM

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